Trail Conditions

Frifay, November 27th

What with a light dusting of fresh snow the other day, trails in the Pigeon Lake Area remain in nice condition.                                                                          Rather than mess with good snow, and forecasts of warmer temps, further trail work will have to have wait.                                                                                Just a quick mention that Lot7 at the Village have XC skis to rent and snowshoes to rent/buy, as well as wax.                                                                               Have a great weekend!  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Welcome back to the other Fabulous Ski Season in front of us….. good luck on replacing that antiquated and well worn ski getup you’ve been putting up with lately! Mickey and Evan over at Lot7 might be able to help. Totem Outfitters, MEC or Track ‘nTrail in Edmonton might even be able to help as well.  Nevertheless…. Now is the time to dig out those old boards and try out a few of your local ski trails….. some of the best in WCAlberta if I may say so.                           Preliminary tracksetting has commenced at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Rundle’s Mission and Hidden Springs. PLPP and Rundle’s trails are in very nice shape with HS remaining a work in progress…… just a little more snow….. PLEEESE

Just a little housekeeping to do here. With regards to the unprecedented number of folks sighing up for the Weekend Update, I feel a little explaining would be timely….. I have been the resident volunteer tracksetter, due in large part due to the generosity and doggedness of now retired Park Ranger Doug Pilkington, here at PLPP for 10 or 15 years now, and have enjoyed every minute of it! The skiing community grew year by year and eventually evolved into the Pigeon Lake Nordic Ski Club….. entirely for ulterior motives! We thought strength in numbers would enable us to secure funding to help pay for tracksetting, but alas, that was not to be. What did emerged though was the concept of having a connected network of XC Skiers from a much wider field of enthusiasts.                                           PLNSC is a non registered... non entity VIRTUAL Ski Club! No dues, no meetings, just plain fun in the woods! Our Weekend Update is what keeps us connected, and a dedicated band of skiers contribute generously to keep the wheels turning.        I am deeply grateful. We are now 151 strong!                                                    Now, more than ever, we must take advantage of this wonderful gift we have in our backyard. The parking lots have been plowed, the tracks have been set and it’s time to hit the trails!  Some are telling us to stay indoors, but no worries…… remember…..  hold your breath when passing another skier on a single track, look the other way on a double track, wear your mask in the parking lot and no kissing when communing with others.

Yours in Skiing                                                                                                      Stay Well….. Michael 

 PS….. as usual, anyone wishing to unsubscribe just drop me a note.

     ….. any thoughts on sharing the mailing list?  I could set up a separate contact list for those wanting to keep in touch.

Saturday, April 18th

Well, Spring has finally arrived! Got a note from a diehard skier this morning marking what is probably the end of the season. Took his last ski yesterday at Rundle’s!
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who supported the 
area trails this winter. Despite numerous adversities, the skiing was pretty good.                 Remember….. Rundle’s, as well as PLPP trails are open for hiking, biking and running,  although vehicle access to the Park is restricted. Just watch your distancing!

Happy & Healthy Trails to All….. Michael

Saturday, April 4th

Trails at Hidden Springs and Rundle’s have been groomed and trackset and are in excellent shape. Please call Barbara….Hidden Springs in advance.Tracksetting at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park has been suspended for the rest of the season and vehicular access is closed until further notice. The trails are still in pretty good shape but must be accessed by foot, just mind your distance when on all the trails.  It’s shaping up to a great weekend and maybe one of our last good skis of the season…… much warmer weather is in the forecast. Have a good one!

Saturday, March 28th

Good morning. My hope is that this note finds one and all healthy and well. If you were planning on a visit to Pigeon Lake Provincial Park this weekend, please read the latest from Alberta Parks…… 


Although trails will still be open for skiing, hiking and snowshoeing, vehicle access is restricted and it is advised that the public stay away. So Sad, but necessary!

That being said, trails in the Park are pretty icy at the moment and skiing conditions are not great anyways. Rundle’s is still open to the public but physical distancing and group gathering rules still apply. Remember, 2M/6Ft and no more than 15 people. Trails are icy there as well. 

Let’s hope and pray we all get through this and emerge a stronger and more united community than ever. Stay healthy and well!

Saturday, March 21st

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Rundle’s and Hidden Springs remain in excellent shape. May even get a little more snow Monday/Tuesday.                 Great Spring Skiing!   


Saturday, March 14th

Recently groomed and tracked trails, C/W a light dusting of fresh snow, is on       the menu this weekend and for the foreseeable future in the Pigeon Lake Region.
Temps moderating and it looks like we’re in for some great Spring Skiing!

Tuesday, March 10th

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Hidden Springs and Rundle’s have been groomed and trackset. Conditions are ideal for a Spring Ski in the Woods!

Saturday, March 7th

  What with the weather being all over the map, trails will remain user tracked probably until Monday. Currently, fresh falling snow is softening up the track nicely. Ahhh…. the joys of spring skiing,

Important message…..

I am a political person. I can’t help it. Especially in these difficult times in Alberta. On the other hand, I’ve kept politics out of my updates and comments for years. I cannot bite my tongue on this one though.                                                  I urge anyone who cherishes our beautiful Park to take a moment and write Premier Kenny, Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon and your MLA to let them know how you feel about cutting funding, closing, privatizing and selling off Alberta’s Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas.                                                       I also urge everyone to become, and stay informed as to what this government has in mind. Be assured, this is just the tip of the iceberg!  

Here’s what I had to say…..

I have been a volunteer X-Country ski tracksetter at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park for over ten years, and I love my job!                                                                  For a portion of that time PLPP was placed in the care of a private operator. In that time the quality of summer trail maintance noticeably deteriorated, which made it far more difficult and time consuming in regards to clearing brush and deadfall to make the trails safe for skiers and tracksetting. The local skiing community and Alberta Parks in Central Alberta have come together over the years and proudly supported efforts on every front to make this a success, and we are all grateful for that!                                                                                      The heart and soul, health and well being of our community depends to a large degree on our Parks system. People come to our area to ski, sled, fish, eat, sleep and shop. This is what helps makes the Pigeon Lake Area a thriving and vibrant community during the winter months. I also believe that Albertans rely on our Parks to refresh and renew their connection with nature and the natural world. Let’s not allow this experience to be diminished . 

I sincerely hope I’m not offending anyone with this mailing, but I feel now is the time to stand up and defend our Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas which are currently under attack. I do know that the large majority of Albertans take great pride in their Parks, so I’m confident our voices will be heard!                               In that regard, I’m also confident that, by and large, I am preaching to the choir. 

All the best in Skiing….. Michael Black

Jason Kenny…

Jason Nixon…

Write your MLA…..Write your MLA

Petitions can be found at……



Saturday, February 29th

The Gods have looked kindly upon us and just dumped a solid 4 inches of that wonderful white stuff on us out here in the Pigeon Lake Region!
Skied in tracks will be the order of the day tomorrow. Packing, grooming and tracksetting will commence Monday morning.
Could shape up to be an excellent week of skiing out here if the temps behave!

Sunday, February 23rd

Despite the warm temps of late, trails in the Pigeon Lake Region remain in good shape. Tracks are glazed in exposed areas, with a light dusting of fresh snow to soften things up. More snow in the forecast! Should be a great day to get out and enjoy…..                                                                                                          Rundle’s Mission will be hosting their annual 'Winter Afternoon’ social on Sunday, February 23rd starting at 1PM with a short waxing clinic followed by free hot dogs, tea, coffee and hot chocolate around the campfire.                                  Bring your skis, snowshoes or just hike the packed trail for a nice afternoon session in the woods.  events-and-programs

Friday, February14th

Tracks at Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been groomed and trackset. Looking like cooler temps will prevail and the days are definitely stretching out.                                                                                  Skiing West of the Fifth is shaping up to be ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS this weekend! 


Rundle’s Mission will be hosting their annual 'Winter Afternoon’ social on Sunday, February 23rd starting at 1PM with a short waxing clinic followed by free hot dogs, tea, coffee and hot chocolate around the campfire. Bring your skis, snowshoes or just hike the packed trail for a nice afternoon session in the woods.  events-and-programs

Saturday, February 8th

A couple of cms of fresh snow a few days ago have revived glazed trails in the Pigeon Lake Area! Below zero temps are making skiing at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle’s Mission the perfect getaway this weekend, that is, if you’re not skiing the Birkie today. Chance of a little more snow showing in the forecast will only improve conditions.  Have a great weekend!  

Monday, January 27th

Trails at Pigeon  Lake Provincial Park and Rundle’s Mission have been groomed and trackset. Mild temperatures continue but don’t seem to be affecting the tracks adversely.
Ski conditions are excellent here in the Pigeon Lake Area with the possibility 
of even a little more snow on the weekend.

Saturday, January 25th

Trails in the Pigeon Lake Area remain user tracked. PLPP is in fair condition due to heavy traffic….. please remind snowshoers to walk to the side of the packed trail, while Rundle’s is in great shape!
Grooming and tracksetting will resume when temps remain below zero.   

Saturday, January 18th

Man, what a difference 10 degrees makes! Kind of like skiing on 220 grit sandpaper instead of 80. Trails at PLPP and Rundle’s remain user tracked and in great condition. Looks like an absolutely fabulous day for skiing in the Pigeon Lake area tomorrow! Can’t speak to the wonky weather next week, but it looks pretty good just the same. Grooming and tracksetting will resume when daytime temps drop 5-10 degrees.

Friday, Janurary 10th, 2020

Trails at PLPP, Hidden Springs and Rundle’s have been packed, groomed and trackset. Ski conditions are excellent, that is, if you consider 25-30 below ‘excellent conditions’. Let’s hope for more moderate temps in the near future. Bundle up! 

Tuesday, December 24th

Trails at Hidden Springs, Rundle’s and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been groomed and trackset. Ski conditions in the Pigeon Lake Area are excellent and although daytime temps are forecast to be a little on the warm side, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great Holiday Season to be outdoors.

Best Wishes to all!

Saturday, December 14th

Preliminary packing and tracksetting has taken place at PLPP, Rundle’s and Hidden Springs.
Was hoping to groom/renovate today but the temperature just would’t co-operate! 
Maybe later next week when temps drop somewhat. In the meantime tracks are 
pretty good in the Hood.   Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 15th, 2019

No News is Bad News.

Sunday, March 24th

We’re pretty well all done for the  ski season here in the Pigeon Lake Area.
I’ve put my sled, tracksetter and skis away and got the motorbike out! 
Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed, and supported the trails.
It was a somewhat difficult winter regarding the weather and major 
mechanical difficulties, but all in all, another great ski season.
Have a great summer, and don’t forget….. Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and
Pigeon Lake Provincial Park all offer great hiking and biking all summer long.

Friday, March 15th

Ski trails in the Pigeon Lake Region are holding out well!
Glazed in the mornings and softish in the afternoon.
Temp trend suggests Klister may be necessary
by Sunday but I’ve been dabbing on yellow
goop and it’s been working pretty good.
Have a great weekend on the trail.
It might be our last!

Sunday, March 10th

Trails at Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have
been packed, groomed and trackset. One foot of fresh snow has
provided us with the opportunity to continue skiing into the
foreseeable future….. as long as temps do not moderate 
too soon and too quickly. Get on them boards and 
have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, March 1st

Tracks at PLPP have been renovated c/w a light dusting of fresh snow.         Rundle’s and Hidden Springs trails have been groomed and trackset            recently and all trails in the area are in great shape. Cooler temps                      for the weekend but next week looks pretty good weather-wise.                         It’s March now and ‘they’ say warmer weather is on the way so                          don’t miss miss out on the great ski conditions at hand!

Friday, February 22

Trails in the Pigeon Lake Region have been groomed and trackset.                          I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but I hope it doesn’t                 snow too much in the next 24 hours. As it stands, conditions are perfect!     Indeed, cooler weather is forecast but let’s not let that get in the way of a     great weekend of skiing. Ole Uffda Loppet in Camrose on Saturday and Winter Afternoon at Rundle’s Mission on Sunday. Bundle up and come on out for a good time. See below…..

Thursday, February 14th

Trails at Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been groomed and trackset. Conditions are the best so far this season and it looks like temps are on the rise and ski conditions are improving just in time for the weekend.

Just a reminder….Rundle’s Mission, 1PM, Sunday, Feb 24th…. Free Winter Fun Day.  Kick wax/classic technique clinic at 1 followed by skiing, bonfire, hot dogs and hot chocolate. Everyone welcome!      

Ski rentals are available from Lot 7 at the Village and will be offered at a 25% discount on skis and snowshoes for the weekend….. pick up Saturday and return Tuesday. Call 780-312-5646 for more information and rates. They have Kick wax kits, scrapers, wax cleaner and straps as well. Snowshoes are also available at Lot 7 if that’s your cup of tea and are always welcome at Rundle’s and PLPP.

Saturday, February 9th

Stay warm! Too bad about the Birke.

Just a reminder….Rundle’s Mission, 1PM, Sunday, Feb 24th…. Free Family Fun Ski.  Kick wax/classic technique clinic at 1 followed by skiing, bonfire, hot dogs and hot chocolate. Everyone welcome!      

Saturday, February 2nd

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Rundle’s Mission and Hidden Springs have been groomed and trackset. Snow’s a little thin in a few places at Rundle’s and HS but PLPP is in great shape. Hope it warms up a bit!

Saturday, January 26th

Due to the wild swings and unpredictable weather patterns forecast for the 
Pigeon Lake region, trails will remain user tracked for the weekend. If we can
survive the rain, wind and 8+ temps we should be in good shape for next weekend.

Friday, January 18th

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been trackset. Conditions are excellent! The Park is truly a 'Winter Wonderland' at the moment what with all the frost and fresh snow!                                                                                                Trails at Rundle’s Mission remain user tracked and are in great shape as well.

For anyone interested, a free (supplies extra) base wax drop-in session will be taking place at Lot 7 Cycle (and Ski) Shop at the Village at Pigeon Lake this Saturday morning/afternoon from 10-2. If you’re interested in skiing easier and faster, this will be a great chance to learn how to tune up your boards for the remaining season.  

Friday, January 11th

Trails in the Pigeon Lake Region remain user tracked and are in very good condition, all things considered.
A little grass showing in a few spots at Rundle’s….. PLPP holding up nicely.
Looks like a great weekend shaping up to enjoy the wonderful nature trails in the area.

Saturday, December 29th

Due to uncertain weather conditions, trails in the Pigeon Lake area will remain skier tracked for a few more days. Ski conditions are excellent!

Friday, December 21st

The Pigeon Lake Region has been blessed with a solid 1/2” of fresh snow!
Thought we were done there, but behold,there’s just enough to get us back 
in the groove! .The wind has been playing havoc on the trails, but now it 
looks like great Christmas Season Skiing will prevail. 
Skied in tracks will be the new norm for the foreseeable future, but 
for now, trails in the area are in excellent shape.

Wishing All a wonderful Christmas and New Year….. Mike

Sunday, December 16th

Tracks at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been renovated. Snow and weather conditions at the Park were ideal last evening. Grooming and tracksetting went well and ski conditions at PLPP are very good. You may notice that I’m still using the shallow moulds on the tracksetter. This is necessary to allow us to ski on the precious little snow that has been allotted to us so far. Let’s hope this roller
coaster ride we’re on ends soon, with steady freezing temps and a little more white stuff! 
Trails at Rundle’s Mission and Hidden Springs remain in good condition as well.

Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Dear friends and fellow skiers, welcome back to another season of skiing in the Pigeon Lake Region. The Snow God has smiled upon us (again) and snow conditions are very good. Tracks have been set at Hidden Springs, Rundle’s and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and trail conditions are good. A few more flakes and cooler temps will set us up nicely for the Christmas Season. 
Let’s get out there and grab it while we can! 

PS…. just have to mention 1stly, that thanks to a generous grant from the County Of Leduc, Rundle’s Mission has been able to purchase a great new set of trail signs and maps, with kudos also going out to Shane at CE Media for the great job done; and 2ndly, there has been a number of improvements to the trails at PLPP. Alberta Parks crews have brushed away many overhanging and encroaching trees and shrubbery, smoothed out some difficult curves and corners and generally contributed to a much improved skiing experience at PLPP.                                                Thanks Todd and Graham!

Saturday, April 21st

Well, after a pretty good slug of wet snow earlier this week, skiing in the Pigeon Lake Area is winding down with ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon. Tracksetting has ceased and the season is over.
A big thank you to all who supported skiing in the Park monetarily, and all who simply showed up and used the trails. Trail conditions in general were pretty good this year with the exception of Christmas and New Years.  I’m thinking there were more skiers this year than ever before.  We’ve got more than 130 folks on the PLNSC mailing list and this brings me to the next logical conclusion…..                how about transitioning from a ‘Virtual’ ski club to a real full blown non profit community club. If someone… not me, I’m just the tracksetter… were to step up to the plate and incorporate the club there could be an number of benefits. It would also mean a few people would have to do a minimum amount of paperwork and organizational duties to get things going. There’s no telling how far this could go! A Jackrabbit program, fun ski days, maybe a Mini Loppet or other social events. Anything is possible!

We also need to lobby Parks Alberta to properly maintain and hopefully groom and trackset the trails sometime in the not to distant future. I’ve been looking after the trails for about 10 years now and loving every minute of it, but the natural fact is that I won’t be around to do it forever and I’d hate to see the trails revert back to the way it was before…. dominated by snowmobiles and quads. 
If there is anyone out there who thinks they might be interested, please think it over carefully and get in touch.
I can help get things started. I would also be perfectly happy to continue the status quo as long as I’m able but there will be a time when things must change. I’m thinking the sooner the better for the sake of all the wonderful people who 
chose the Pigeon Lake Area as their go-to ski destination.    
Wishing all a great Spring/Summer/ Fall. Let’s keep in touch!
Best regards….. Mike

Thursday, April 5th

Brrrr….. It’s darn cold here at Battle Lake….. 15 below! Nevertheless, x-country skiing conditions in the Pigeon/Battle Lake area are excellent.
Trails at PLPP have been groomed/trackset, Rundle’s and Hidden Springs remain very skiable with a light dusting of fresh snow on groomed trails.
Shaping up to be a stellar weekend of fun on the snow with rising temps in the forecast. Tuesday could be the deal-breaker though with temps in the upper single digits. Could be the end of it all, so let’s get out there and milk it for all it’s worth while we can!

Saturday, March 31st

Wow. Go away for a few days and look what happens!  A generous amount of snow on Friday has changed everything here in the Pigeon Lake and area.Tracks have been set at Hidden Springs Retreat and Rundle’s Mission. Excellent ski conditions! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get into PLPP this weekend but user tracked trails are in GREAT SHAPE as well. Spring skiing is definitely ON 

Saturday, March 17th

Trails at Pigeon Lake are in great shape, considering the warm temps of late.
Light dusting (2-3cms) of fresh snow has softened the track sufficiently to create a terrific cross county skiing experience… and it’s still snowing lightly!
Still time to get out there and have a great time in the woods before it’s all over.

Thursday, March 8th

Trails remain in excellent shape at Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park. Cool mornings and mild afternoons will make for somewhat challenging conditions this weekend but really, it doesn’t get much better considering we’re into the second week of March.                                          Have a great weekend and hope to see you on the trail!

Tuesday, March 6th

Better late than never! Trails at Pigeon Lake and Hidden Springs have been packed, groomed and trackset. Conditions are about as good as ever. 
Warmer temps predicted for the weekend, so get out there if you can. It’s not going to last much longer!
PS… Hat’s off to the trail breakers last Sunday. Good job!

Friday, February 23rd

Cross Country ski trails in the Pigeon Lake Region are all in great shape!
Rundle’s, Hidden Springs and PLPP are all good to go for the weekend and well into the foreseeable future. Have a Great Ski Weekend!
for info on Special Event this Sunday, the 25th.

Friday, February 16th

Ski trails at Rindle’s, Hidden Springs and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been trackset. Conditions are Stellar!

Don’t forget…… Free Family Fun Ski at Rundle’s Mission on Sunday the 25th. Basic wax and technique clinic at 12 Noon with Free hot dogs and refreshments to follow at 1:30. 

Have a great Family Day Weekend!

Friday, February 9th

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Rundle’s Mission and Hidden Springs are in excellent 
condition. Freshly groomed and trackset, it’s shaping up to be an Absolutely Fabulous weekend for X-Country Skiing! 

And, if you’re in the mood for something different, maybe try some snow shoeing or fat tire biking in the Pigeon Lake Area. 

Check out  at the Village at Pigeon Lake for rentals or sales. And of course, they have skis as well.

Sunday, February 4th

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been trackset. 
Proper grooming and tracksetting will take place early next week.
Trails at Rundle’s Mission on the beautiful North Shore of Pigeon Lakehave been groomed and trackset. 
Trails at Hidden Springs near Winfield have been groomed and trackset as well.
Please call 780-682-2480 to make arrangements. Everyone welcome!
Remember for all your ski rental needs.

Monday, January 29

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle’s Mission have been skied in and are in excellent shape!

Tuesday, January 23rd

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park have been groomed and trackset.
Very good ski conditions, with the exception of a few stones turned up in a couple of places. Be watchful on the lower Lakeshore (A) and Harbor Vue(C) reaches.  Otherwise….. Smooth Sailing!

Two more noteworthy items…..  

- Evan and Mickey Blumhagen have expanded their  bicycle rental/sales/repair shop to include x-country skis and fat tire bikes. They offer hourly, 1/2 day, daily and weekly rates.  Check it out if in need!  

- Rundle’s Mission will be providing free refreshments, hot dogs and x-country skiing for Family and Friends on Sunday, February 25th. There will be a free wax/technique workshop offered at 11:00AM with lunch to follow. The rest of the afternoon will be spent skiing through field and forest on the beautiful North Shore of Pigeon Lake! 

Thats all for now. Hopefully those sno flakes showing in the forecast will come our way!

Tuesday, January 16th

Good morning, and good news! Trails at Rundle’s  Mission have been groomed and trackset! 
Not much to ski on but we’re doin it. Just a little grass showing in a few places but overall
pretty good…. all things considered.
Wondering why the trails haven’t been trackset in the Park this season? Due to a very
 unfortunate accident involving a volunteer in Kananaskis Country, all volunteer work in 
Alberta Provincial Parks was suspended until further notice. I’ve learned recently that 
trail grooming and tracksetting may be allowed to resume in PLPP soon. 
 All things considered though, skiing in the Park has been steady and enjoyable 
despite the dismal snow conditions since the first part of December. 
With a little luck, and a little more snow we’ll be off to the races real soon! 
The bad news….. 40% chance of rain expected in the area this evening. 
I guess that means there’s a 60% chance that it won’t rain. 
Who knows, it might even snow!

Sunday, December 24th

It’s true! Christmas wishes can come to pass!  Pigeon Lake area has received about 4” (10cms) of beautiful fresh snow.
Although it’s not enough to groom and trackset, there’s plenty enough to ski on. 
User tracked trails in the area will be the order of the week or until more of this elusive white stuff arrives. 
Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a safe and fun filled Holiday Season

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Welcome to another exciting…… and challenging ski season in the Pigeon Lake area! 

Due to unavoidable circumstances, trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park will remain user tracked until further notice. 

At the moment all trails in the Pigeon Lake area are icy with bare spots and skiing is not recomended. Although it’s hard to complain about this balmy weather we’ve been experiencing, hopefully we will be blessed with a nice solid snowfall before Christmas. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Best of the Season to All!

Tuesday, March28th

I think it’s safe to say the ski season here at Pigeon Lake is essentially over. Tracks are icy and disappearing fast. Although it’s been a pretty sketchy winter, as far as skiable snow was concerned, there were some pretty awsome ski days. 

Have a great summer and don’t forget these trails are great for hikin' and bikin’ as well!

Check out Lot 7 Cycle at  for all your bicycle rental and repair needs.  

Thursday,March 23rd

Still skiing here at PLPP. Ground showing in a couple of spots and a few icy patches to watch out for but overall pretty good spring skiing. Won’t last long though with warmer temps on the way.

Monday, March 20th

Happy Spring and, thanks to a light skiff of snow last night, trails at PLPP are in good shape. Possibly some of the best skiing this season!

Sunday, March 19th

Trails at Pigeon Lake remain skiable. Rundle’s has a few bare spots that can be bi-passed and PLPP is in nice shape with no bare spots. we had a light skiff of snow last night which greatly helped to prolong the season.

I’ve been using Swix blue universal klister and have heard reports that waxless skis are working good as well.                                                                 

Friday, March17th

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle’s Mission are still skiable.
Great Klister skiing. Should last at least into next week. Check our website for more up to date info as the days go by.

Saturday, March 11th

Trails at Pigeon Lake have been packed, groomed and trackset. 
Conditions are excellent at this time and we should be skiing for at least three or four more days here. Better grab it while you can!

Saturday, February 25th

Well, we’re back in the track, albeit skied in tracks, but nevertheless, on the boards again!
A couple of inches of new snow has freshened up our trails here at Pigeon Lake.
 If this trend continues, conditions will only improve and hopefully there will be a few more
weeks of good skiing left in the season.   Have a great what’s left of the weekend.

Friday, February 10th

Yesterday was a good day. The Pigeon Lake area received just enough snow to allow grooming and tracksetting.
PLPP is in great shape and Rundle’s Mission will be worked over tomorrow morning. It’s shaping up to be a great weekend of skiing but you’ll have to grab it while you can. 

Friday, January 13th

Trails at Pigeon Lake have been trackset.                 Ski conditions at both Rundle’s and PLPP are going to be absolutely fabulous for the next couple of days.   Let’s have some fun!  

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Good morning and Happy New Year to All 

I’m happy to report that ski trails a Pigeon Lake and Rundle’s Mission have been trackset. Hopefully conditions will improve, considering all the snowmobile traffic, when regular grooming and tracksetting resume in the near future. 

If you encounter sled traffic on the trails please respectfully ask the perpetrator(s) to cease and desist and leave the trail immediately the way they entered. If possible, record and/or take pictures of the perps including (most important of all) their licence plate. 

Contact our Conservation Officer, Kevin Rowsell at 403-391-0911, as soon as possible. You can also contact the Park Enforcement Line at 403-350-5066 to report the incident. 

Apart from all that, please make the effort to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as often as possible this winter. We’re off to a great start this year and we are so lucky to have these beautiful areas to ski/hike/snowshoe and enjoy nature at it’s best. 

Best wishes to all….. Mike 

Friday, December 22, 2016

Unfortunately, ski trails at Pigeon Lake are pretty thin and user tracked. Not expecting any siginificant amount of snow before Christmas but could see some by New Years.                       Trails will be groomed and trackset the moment conditions improve.                                                

Best of the Season to All 

 Sunday, January 17th

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake have been groomed and trackset. Excellent ski conditions are expected to last at least to the weekend.

We have a new refurbished website. Check it out if you have a minute.

PLNSC wishes everyone many happy trails in the New Year

Saturday, January 9th 2016

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission remain in great shape.

Received a couple of cm’s of light snow over the past few days and tracks are skiing in nicely.

Please note that we are set up for classic skiing only.

Thursday, December 31

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake are still in great shape and the weather forecast is promising moderate temperatures in the near future. 

Let's hope it holds and doesn't get too warm.

Happy New Year to all….. Mike

Thursday, December 24th

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission have been groomed and trackset.

It has been snowing all morning, with more to come.

Trail conditions at Pigeon Lake are excellent and will probably remain so well into next week.

Don't forget to try the trail at White's Hidden Springs Retreat. Give Barbara a call at 780-682-2480.

Have a great Christmas and come on out and give our trails a whirl.

Sunday, December 13th

Good morning. Ski trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission have been trackset. 

Both trails are in excellent shape with Rundle's just a tad thin in a couple of spots.

Let's hope favorable conditions hold up at least into the new year.

Have a great day….. Mike

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Welcome to a brand new season of Cross Country Skiing at Beautiful Pigeon Lake.

Ski conditions at Pigeon Lake and Rundle's Mission are good with user tracked trails. Grooming will commence when daytime temperatures stabilize below zero.

Have a great weekend!!

PLNSC 2019/20